About MAQs



Japanese industrial products have long been acclaimed to be the world's best quality. What is it though, that makes them that good? Is it the material? The manufacturing process? The latest facilities? The craftsmanship of the manufacturers?

While there is no doubt all of these elements contribute to the making of a top quality product, we think there is more to it. We think that, it is the spirit of Japanese manufacturers who truly believe in their own product to be the world’s best, that brings real difference.

MAQs brand is filled with that pride and spirit of Japanese manufacturers!
All of MAQs coilover springs are produced in domestic factories certified with ISO9001.



The steel material used on our springs are a source of headache for manufacturers. Because we select materials with special emphasis on resistance, and these expose the machines to a heavy load. However, we insisted on this material in order to create a coilover spring with excellent resistance.

MAQs coilover springs are produced from a latest steel material that has a tensile strength of more than 2000N / ㎟. This is about 300N / ㎟ more than conventional products! This latest material, combined with an optimized manufacturing process, is what makes this world class coilover spring.


Everything starts from the design.

The design concept of MAQs coilover spring is the pursuit of high durability and high precision. In order to make a spring that is lighter yet withstands higher stress, we spent a long time designing every detail, all the way from material selection to product test.
It is the repeating process of,

design → production of a sample → load test → redesign → production of a sample → load test

that lead us to this high durability, high precision, lightweight coil spring.

Manufacturing Process

Even if the same materials is used, that doesn’t mean you get the same quality! The outcome depends on how much effort and time is put on each step of production, many of them invisible to the customer.

For example:

Accuracy of Squareness

MAQs coilover spring has a higher dimensional accuracy in squareness than the JIS standard. Springs with less accuracy on their squareness tend to get under more eccentric load, which prevents them from performing in their original spring rate. With its dimensional accuracy increased to the limit, MAQs is a well-balanced spring that has a stable spring rate.

Double Coating

Conventional coilover springs tend to have either only electrodeposition coating, or powder coating on them. By applying a double coating, we not only improve its appearance, but dramatically increase its rust resistance.
When coilover springs get rusted, they loose their original spring rate, and their risk of braking becomes much higher. We wanted a product that would last longer, and the double coating plays a big part on it.

Double coating is highly rust resistance, but that does not mean the spring will not rust over a long period of time. Please give regular maintenance. Especially after running on anti-freezing agent, it is recommended to flush with fresh water as soon as possible.


For a detailed manufacturing process please click here.